PYRO◎Justin Sau

PYRO◎Justin Sau

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  Luke Connors is an average, bullied kid. Overnight, he makes a life changing decision and begins to fight crime under the alias of "The Shadow Knight". Luke's life gets even more crazy when a duo gifts him with fire powers. He dons the name Pyro. The duo introduce Luke to a mastermind plot by millionaire Lucius Wolfe for world domination (why is it always world domination?) Can Luke, or should I say, Pyro, succeed?


  Justin Sau was born on March 8, 2007, in Hong Kong. He goes to the school HKIS. He is Chinese, and he lives with his mom, dad and brother. His favorite authors are Rick Riordan, Stuart Gibbs, and J.K. Rowling, who inspired Justin to become a writer. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube, playing video games, and reading. This is his first chapter book. He hopes you’ve enjoyed the book.