Fun Size Singapore Tidbits◎Lee Chee Chew

Fun Size Singapore Tidbits◎Lee Chee Chew

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Veteran Singaporean cartoonist Lee Chee Chew is back, with his sharp eye, sense of irony, unbeatable humour and wicked pen. This compilation of close to 200 comic strips brings together among the best of his cartoons published in The Straits Times over several years.

With gentle mockery, his cartoons highlight the idiosyncrasies and unique aspects of Singapore living as well as the contemporary urban lifestyle that will be recognisable to anyone, Singaporean or not — from being kiasu to beating the heat, and from Internet access in the office to mobile phone use on MRT trains. The book is divided into 21 topics including education, shopping and transport.

The light humour and colourful, recognisable characters make this an instantly perfect gift for anyone young or old — something to put your feet up with during this holiday period, and guaranteed to have you chuckling.