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Jurogic: Illustrate life with Jugi◎Ace Khong

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About this Book

Life’s Little Instructions

Stand tall and hold your head high;

Life is not about pleasing everyone.


Life’s Little Moments

The most memorable moments are most probably

those moments you didn’t give up.


Life’s Little Ironies

Someone calls you their best friend, but will stab you

in your back at the most convenient moment.


Life’s Little Pleasures

Finding joy in the little things that choose to move around us

silently, it may not necessarily hold great value but it’s where

happiness and sweet blossoms bloom.


Who is Jugi?

It could be you,

It could be me,

It could be now,

It could be the future.

Everyone has a right to life;

Everyone has the right to say no.


About the Author

Ace Khong (小鄺) studied Graphic Design at Lasalle College of the Arts, and he graduated in 1999. He became actively involved in design and illustration, and developed himself into a prolific illustrator.

Trained as a graphic designer he never laid back on his laurels, and has finally published a Chinese illustration book named “Jurogic” his first venture into publication.

The main purpose of his book is to make readers aware about everyday matters, and to use metaphors which lead readers to reason differently. In his work, he wishes to inspire his readers to form their own opinions, and to think about the things that really matter in life.

He remains deeply grateful, and would like to expresshis special thanks to many individuals who have supported and shared their views, thus helping him to bring cohesiveness to his work.

Ace Khong’s Inception Zone:www.acekhong.wordpress.com


I enjoyed translating Ace’s book because

I was doing something I had never done before.

He encouraged me to translate his collection in my own words;

It’s truly a magnanimous gesture, and I am very thankful.

      ——Porphyras Wong (Senior Graphic Desinger, translator)